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      My very first small business started as a dream from the corner of my living room. They say everything happens for a reason, and after starting off as a retail specialty toy business, I found myself turning to my creative side.  It started off with designing jewelry and apparel for little girls, inspired by my own little girl.  I was constantly encouraged to open an Etsy shop, and in 2016, I finally took the leap.  Inspired by the Gilmore Girls revival (and coffee), I designed my first adult apparel collection, and it took off like wildfire.  Within 5 months, I outgrew that platform and decided it was time to niche down to women's apparel and focus on building my brand with a stand-alone website. 

      Today, Painted Lavender offers an intentional selection of comfy, hand printed apparel and accessories, as well as a curated selection of women's fashion to inspire, empower and spread joy.  All of our graphics are designed by me or commissioned, and are exclusive to our brand.  Everything is packaged and shipped with love, from our home base in Northern California.

      Words cannot express how grateful we are for the support of this community that inspires me and allows me to continue to pour my creativity and love into new designs and curated products.  We hope that every package you receive from us puts a smile on your face, because every time we receive an order from you, you put a huge smile on ours. 

       xo, Shery